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    • 10" LCD multi-head embroidery control system
    • Large-screen HCI, simple and intuitive
    • Machine supplied with a variety of voltage power, suitable for all users
    • The output power is supplied by switch,safe and reliable
    • Maximum embroidery speed up to 1000RPM, improve efficiency
    • The latest motion-control software, machine vibration is very small
    • New technologies application, improving embroidery results perfectly
    • A variety of break detection can be choosed, easy to use
    • Embroidery frame can be controlled by generic servo, effectively improve the reliability and versatility
    • TE-310
    • TE-310
    Description Specifications
    ● Mainboard installed in the operating chamber, improve the control system anti-jamming  capability and service life effectively
    ● Perfect test function to facilitate the machine parameter settings, installation and commissioning of the machine is very convenient
    ● Can be used with all types of embroidery machines, meet to your different requirements, satisfied embroidery for materials of thin, thick and three-dimensional
    ● Shaft angle real-time display by per degree when in shutdown state, easy for installation and commissioning of the machine
    ● Communication using CAN bus system, which greatly improves the system stability, and simplifies the wiring, reduced the instability caused by the connector and extensions become convenient
    ● Composite multifunction board and head board, enabling customers to freely use according to the machine configuration, so that the same set of electronic control can be configured on different machines
    ● Support stepper motors and solenoid cut line, the trimming length can be adjusted easily when do by stepping trimming
    ● Support a variety of color changing mode and does not require replacement of the hardware configuration
    ● Intelligent break detection,accurately detect faces break and no bottom thread
    ● Supports multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic and so on, supports all languages
    ● Support boot LOGO upgrades, easy for OEM using
    ● U disk can preview the input pattern
    ● Memory pattern has thumbnail version, it can store 200 patterns and 20000000 Needles
    ● Perfect dynamic stitch compensation function, +/-0.3 adjustments, you can set directly after choosing edition, only for a single pattern, pattern compensated version without deformation
    ● Built-in 5 kinds of letters library, user-friendly DIY design, simple to use
    ● Precise outline embroidery and block positioning, convenient for customer positioning operation
    ● Practical frame changing operation, comes with a variety of embroidery frame range settings, enabling customers to use ( Origin sensor must be installed, you can use the median or lower right )
    ● Support one key cutting power and recovery embroidery function, no worry about halfway power down, operation is very simple
    ● Embroidery frame control can be used with the stepper or universal AC servo according to customers instead of replacing the main system
    ● Hook line can be used by unified or independent way, very convenient
    ● Practical upper thread holding function make embroidery quality improved more
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