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    • Household multi-functional seam embroidery all-in-one control system suppliers, to fill the domestic industry's technical gap, technology reached the international advanced level. Can be customized according to customer needs of your own control system.
    • TE-100
    Description Specifications
    ● Touch-screen operation, built-in instructions animation, easy to learn
    ● Built-in automatic multi-stitch sewing templates, you can accomplish almost all the sewing function
    ● Built-in button-holing template, you can adjust the hole size and density according to different needs
    ● Built-in variety of letter embroidery template, users can design by themselves
    ● Embroidery speed up to 650 RPM, it's the most efficient control system
    ● Excellent motion control, embroidery effects is same high quality as industrial embroidery machine
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